Friday, September 16, 2011

Please Send Healing!

Following is a Healing Request I sent through Healing Tree.  Healing 
Tree consists of people throughout the world who are interested in helping others.  For more information visit my web site ( 

The intention and vibration we are sending in this healing request is simply that we support all life forms including ourselves, for the Highest Good, by putting into action and utilizing not only the tools and knowledge we have been given but continue to receive at this accelerated time of change. 

Energy continues to come into our planet at increased speeds and our mother earth is processing it as fast and as best as she can – as are all her children.  All forms of life are affected at this time, as is our weather and our water and soil.
As we move forward into a new time, it is important that we step up our work.  Keeping harmony and where appropriate, balance, has become challenging.  (For those wondering, “balance” means there is no movement, and while useful in some cases can lead to stagnation in other cases while “harmony” indicates healthy movement and alignment to all systems but again, is not appropriate for all cases.  Your intuition will guide you as to when you want “harmony” and when to seek “balance”.)
Action is the key word here.  Use all the tools you have learned thus far and continue to learn about the new tools coming in.  As our language changes, as our communication techniques change, and the earth shifts toward new vibrations, it is important that we put into action all we know to help maintain harmony, balance and to remain “grounded”.  Whether you work with light, crystals, stones, animals, dousing, pendulums, planetary grids, star energy, guides, angels, prayer…all of the above, and/or other entities/energies – now is the time to keep conscious contact with them all!  Remember, intention and desire create.  While we may not physically have all the tools to work with, we do have access to books, cards, meditation, the internet etc. to focus and intend with.
For instance, I have a book on gem stones.  It describes how the properties of each stone impacts our Spiritual, Emotional/Mental and Physical bodies.  Every morning I read about a stone and intend the properties of that stone is mine for that day.  Sometimes I am drawn to a particular stone and other days I just open the book and read.  I then expand the properties of that stone to others on my healing list and the planet in general.  This simple example shows how easy it can be to pick up the many, many tools and use them daily, throughout our day.  We do not have to spend hours and hours.  We do however, have to do it! 
It is up to us…our planet – our mother – and all of us living here – needs the extra energy at this time.  Carry it forward into your daily life, you already have the habit of sending healing energy to those in need, we just need to step it up as the incoming energy increases, causing and allowing this shift to happen.  Use the tools you are called to use – variety is important and helps maintain harmony and balance.  Be around like-minded people to enhance the energy.  There are yoga and meditation centers and circles, “Intenders” groups, Spiritual and Religious organizations that meet regularly.  Find that place with people of like mind for you and amplify the power.  We all need it! 
Once again, I thank you for the work you do!  - Namaste.